The Potato spirals are a great side dish, perfect to be combined with second courses of all kinds but also to be served in a buffet of appetizers or as a small rustic accompaniment of an aperitif.

The preparation is very simple but the final result will be special, original and of sure effect and will drive all potato lovers crazy and especially the little ones.

The preparation will not take away so much time but the final result will be really amazing and will ensure a great success with your guests who will only be impressed.

Let’s see, together how to prepare the excellent spirals of fried potatoes.


  • 500 g of potatoes
  • salt, to taste
  • pepper, to taste
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons 00 flour


Start with potatoes. Wash and cook them in plenty of salted water for about 40 minutes or until they are perfectly cooked and the prongs of a fork will fit inside them without difficulty.

To shorten the preparation time use a pressure cooker or cook your potatoes in the microwave. Once cooked, crush the potatoes using the appropriate tool. To save time, do not peel them but just split them in half and place them inside the potato masher with the part of the cut facing down so that, after extracting the puree, inside the tool will remain only the peel that you can remove very easily.

Once you have a fine purée, add it in a bowl with the other ingredients. Mix everything well so as to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mixture. Place the mixture thus obtained inside a sac à poche with a smooth spout because you will have to go to make some spirals.

In a large skillet, heat plenty of seed oil. When this has reached a temperature of about 350°F add your dough by making some spirals using the sac à poche directly in the oil. Continue this way until you have made some spirals and turn them halfway through cooking so that you have a perfect browning.

Once ready, serve the potato spirals to your guests sprinkled with salt when they are still hot so as to appreciate all the crunchiness.

Potato Spirals


Keep the potato spirals for one day at most. The ideal, however, is to consume them very hot immediately after frying.

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