Pasta and beans

Pasta and beans is a traditional dish of very humble farming origins, but which still today is a great classic often consumed in all families.

In this case, it is prepared without adding tomato or tomato paste. The result is always unique and perfect for the coldest winter days.

Let’s discover together how to prepare it, both with dried beans and canned beans.


  • 400 g pasta
  • 300 g beans
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste


Soak the beans (in this case borlotti) the night before to prepare it for lunch. Soaked in cold water, they will cook faster.

The next day, remove the water and cook in a pot with other water over low heat. Remove them when a white foam is formed on the surface. Do not add salt in this phase because it could stop or delay the cooking of vegetables.

When the beans are well softened, adjust with salt and then add the pasta. Cook for the time indicated on the package of the pasta used. A few minutes after the end of cooking add some pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Serve your pasta and beans to your guests when it is still hot, so as to appreciate it to the fullest.

If you use canned beans the preparation will be even faster. In this case, in fact, proceed to cook pasta in boiling salted water.

When the pasta is half cooked, add the canned beans together with their own preservation liquid. Add salt and pepper if necessary and then add oil to taste.

Let the cooking continue for a few minutes and then serve the hot plate to your guests.

Pasta and beans


Consume the pasta and beans hot after preparation. It can also be consumed at room temperature within a few hours.

Add the potatoes in cubes halfway through cooking the beans so as to give an even more intense flavor to the dish. To enrich it, even more, they will also be excellent bacon cubes, previously browned in the pan.

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