How to roast chestnuts in the Microwave

Roasted chestnuts are definitely one of the most popular preparations during the autumn period when chestnuts are in season and consequently are the protagonists of many different preparations.

Sometimes, however, in the frenzy of every day, you do not have time for long preparations and then you go in search of practical and quick recipes that can be implemented in a short time and with extreme ease.


  • 15 chestnuts

How to roast chestnuts


Start preparing chestnuts in the microwave. Cut the chestnuts in the center by making a cut of about 2-3 cm. Cover them entirely with water inside a bowl and leave to soak for about 20 minutes.

In this way, in fact, the peel will soften and as a result it will be much easier to remove it after cooking. Once the drained time has passed, place the chestnuts inside a plate in a single layer.

It is important, in fact, not to overlap the chestnuts so be careful. After this, cook the chestnuts for 5 minutes at 750 W.

After only five minutes the chestnuts will begin to open and show their interior. After 5 minutes, add the chestnuts inside a paper bag and let rest for another 5-6 minutes. In this way, in fact, the additional humidity will ensure that the peel is removed perfectly from chestnuts.

Often, this particular can be very annoying, but in this way you can solve the problem and cook the chestnuts quickly and without any problems. So, peel and consume chestnuts when they are still hot.


Store the chestnuts for up to one day. The ideal, however, is to peel and consume chestnuts when they are still very hot.

If you want to use chestnuts for other preparations, peel them when they are still hot and then leave them aside to cool and use them when you need.

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