How long to boil an egg

If you want to achieve the perfect consistency, you need to learn how long to boil an egg

With a perfect boiled egg, in fact, you can prepare many recipes and serve to your friends wonderful dished. You just need room temperature eggs and a large pan.

How long to boil an egg

How long to boil an egg

Cooking time depend on the result you want to get. For a perfect hard-boiled egg you’ll need a longer cooking time but if you want a liquid yolk 6 minutes will be enough.

Hard-boiled egg

How long does it take to hard boil an egg?

For a perfect, classic hard-boiled egg you need 10 minutes at least.

Take a pan, add room temperature water. When the water is hot add the eggs and let cook for 10 minutes. Scoop the eggs out the pan and then put them in cold water. Serve them immediately if you are eating them straight away.

Soft-boiled egg

How long does it take to soft boil an egg?

Do you prefer a soft boiled egg? You just need 5-6 minutes.

This way, the yolk will be still liquid at the end of the cooking time indicated. A soft boiled egg will be creamy and perfect to serve with some bread.

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