Chicken cordon bleu

Homemade chicken cordon bleu are a second course with a delicious filling made with cooked ham and cheese but, according to taste, it can be replaced with a thousand other flavors and combinations.

They can be made with either chicken or turkey meat, but in this case we will use chicken meat, and they are loved by adults but especially by children.


  • 6 slices of chicken breast
  • 200 g of cooked ham
  • 150 g of cheese

For breading

  • 3 eggs
  • breadcrumbs, to taste

For frying

  • Seed oil


Start with the slices of chicken, which must be of medium thickness, so if they were not, beat them with a special meat fillet.

It is important, moreover, that the slices of chicken are perfectly intact and not torn up so that the filling remains all inside.

At this point, place the chicken on the work surface and add cooked ham and cheese in the center and then close it. Close the cordon bleu, thus obtained, on itself, so as the filling is completely wrapped in chicken fillets. If you want you can use a toothpick to seal the cordon bleu.

At this point, pass the cordon bleu first in the egg beaten in a bowl and then in the breadcrumbs; make sure that the whole surface is sprinkled perfectly.

Once this is done, cook your cordon bleu in plenty of seed oil brought to temperature. In a large pan, then heat the oil and when this is hot add the chicken, turning it halfway through cooking so as to have a very crisp and golden result on both sides.

Salt to taste and once ready remove the cordon bleu from the pan, passing them on a sheet of absorbent paper so as to eliminate any excessive residues of oil. Serve when they are still warm.


Cordon blues are excellent to consume very hot immediately after their preparation.

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