Classic Tiramisù

A Tiramisù is a recipe that has now become a real classic. There are so many legends and stories about the birth of tiramisu, one of which places its creation in Turin, Italy, to support Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour in his unification of Italy.

The classic Tiramisù is a very fast and simple recipe to make. Let’s see how to prepare it step by step.


  • 6 eggs
  • 2/3 cup sugar + about 2 teaspoons to sweeten the coffee
  • 1 cup mascarpone
  • 500 g of ladyfingers
  • Coffee, to taste
  • Bitter cocoa powder to taste

Classic Tiramisù


Divide the egg whites from the yolks. Pay particular attention to this operation since the two parts should be separated very clearly, because even if some small part of yolk remained together with the egg whites, these could not be perfectly mounted to snow as you will have to do soon.

Put the egg yolks together with half of the recipe sugar and whisk well, using an electric mixer with whips to obtain a well creamy mixture. When ready, its color will appear lightened compared to the beginning and without granules of sugar during the preparation. Achieved this result, stop mounting.

Now add the mascarpone to the yolks and mix well. Now take care of the egg whites, which will be mounted. Also in this case, help yourself with a planetary mixer or an electric mixer, because it is a quite difficult operation to do by hand. When your egg whites are semi-whipped, add the other half of the remaining sugar to the rain. During this operation do not interrupt the processing of the egg whites and continue to mount them until they are well stopped.

At this point, add the whipped egg whites to the mixture with the egg yolks, sugar and mascarpone. This is another very delicate operation, which you must perform very carefully. Mix the mixture from top to bottom, so as to continue to capture air, while a circular movement would disassemble your egg whites and would, therefore, lose body to your compound.

Now that the cream is ready, prepare coffee and ladyfingers. Take the terrine, which you intend to use to serve the tiramisu, and arrange a row of ladyfingers, paying attention to turn the part with the granulated sugar underneath, so that when you go to spread the cream this will not remain attached.

Soak the ladyfingers with coffee and choose to sweeten or not, depending on your taste. Use a spoon to pour part of the coffee into your biscuits. If you want, do this before placing the ladyfingers in the bowl, soaking them in the coffee for a few seconds. This depends on how much you want the taste of the coffee to be strong inside then your tiramisu. In fact, by soaking them with the spoon the amount of coffee introduced will be smaller than if you soak them completely in the coffee. Choose the process you prefer most according to your tastes or those of the people to whom you will serve the tiramisu.

Take the cream, which you have made before, and pour a layer over the biscuits. Level it well, using the back of the spoon or a spatula. Now cover with another layer of ladyfingers and repeat the same operation as before. So, soak with coffee and then cover again with a generous layer of cream. Level well at this stage because you will not add more cream and you must make a tiramisu beautiful also to see as well as good and tasty to eat.

Once the last layer of cream is finished, sprinkle with plenty of cocoa powder. Be generous at this stage because the tiramisu, during the resting phase, will tend to absorb a lot of cocoa. You can also decide to garnish with drops or flakes of dark chocolate or white chocolate, to make a sweet even more delicious and beautiful to see.


Store the tiramisù in the refrigerator for two days in an airtight container.

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